Collective Investment Schemes

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Fund / Trust Name Annual Report Interim Statement Prospectus
SAS Midas Fund x
CM Fund (formerly Campus Mutual Fund) x
Fidelity Fixed Income Trust x x
Fidelity Balanced Trust x x
Financial Independence Mutual Fund x x
Elite Mutual Fund x x
Dalex Vision Fund x
Plus Income Fund x x
Plus Balanced Fund x x
Fixed Income Alpha Plus Fund x x
Christian Community Mutual Fund x
Omega Equity Fund
Omega Income Fund
SAS Fortune Fund x x
EDC Ghana Money Market Unit Trust x
kiddiFUND Mutual Fund x
EDC Ghana Fixed Income Unit Trust x x
EDC Ghana Balanced Fund x
Republic Unit Trust (formerly HFC Unit Trust) x x
Republic REIT (formerly HFC REIT) x x
Republic Future Plan Trust (formerly HFC Future Plan Trust) x
Republic Equity Trust (formerly HFC Equity Trust) x x
Heritage Fund x
First Fund x
STANLIB Income Fund Trust (formerly Stanbic Income Fund Trust) x
STANLIB Cash Trust (formerly Stanbic Cash Trust) x
Databank MFund (formerly Databank Money Market Fund)
Databank Ark Fund
Databank Balanced Fund
Databank Epack Investment Fund
Databank Educational Investment Fund